Steve Chabot Turned Away at the Polls

U.S. Rep. Steve Chabot was denied permission to vote this morning for lack of proper identification, according to CityBeat photographer Jon Hughes.

“He showed his driver’s license and it did not have his home address on it,” Hughes says. “It had his business address.”

Chabot, the Republican incumbent, had to leave his polling place at First Presbyterian Church in Westwood, go home and return with proper identification. He was then allowed to vote.

Photos and additional details soon.

— Gregory Flannery

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4 Comments on “Steve Chabot Turned Away at the Polls”

  1. Westside John Says:

    I find it humorous that Steve Chabot was turned away at the polls due to not having proper ID….The pollsters were specifically instructed to NOT turn away anyone from voting and if they did not have “proper” ID they were to be given a provincial ballot.

  2. Gregory Flannery Says:

    It turns out the poll workers offered Chabot a provisional ballot, but he wanted to get his ID and cast a regular ballot. Makes you wonder what he knows!

  3. Westside John Says:

    true that!

  4. LorraineB Says:

    Just want to say let’s keep the Chabot/provisional stuff in the news in the coming months! I think as Gregory Flannery points out, Chabot’s refusal to vote provisionally speaks VOLUMES about Ohio’s provisional balloting system.
    Folks can disagree with my opinion that ID should not be required at the polls, but I think we can all agree that the actual laws that exist should be followed or else our elections are, um, unlawful. Ohio Revised Code section 3505.18 (a)(1) says you can bring a driver’s license with an address that doesn’t match your voter registration, and still vote a regular ballot. This right was being violated right and left on 11/7.
    And I think we can also all agree that if they make a new law there needs to be a budget to effectively implement that law… i.e. an appropriately increased budget for increased pollworker training. The 2/3rds republican majority in the Ohio House & Senate disagreed with us on that. None of us who lobbied against this law (House Bill 3) a year ago are surprised that it caused so much trouble and confusion on election day.
    I’m sure that in a couple months, this stuff is going to come before the Ohio legislature again. Please, everyone, contact your state rep and your state senator and let them know how you feel about it!

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