Just as in School

Just as in school

Remember those standardized tests that required you to completely fill in the answer boxes? That’s the way to cast ballots now in Hamilton County. The board of elections did away with the much-maligned punch-card ballots, infamous for their hanging chads and other niggling difficulties in recent elections. Use a black or blue pen and completely shade the box to mark your choice for a candidate or issue. (Photo by Matt Borgerding)

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2 Comments on “Just as in School”

  1. Neal Watzman Says:

    The Hamilton County ballots may be “old school”, but at least I have some confidence in their ability to be accurately counted. There’s a paper trail, the would appear to allow verification of the electronic count.

    Much better than other parts of the state have no such accountability. Who knows how many votes were modified from the beneficiaries of the Diebold voting machines.

  2. joann Says:

    isn’t it amazing how hanging chads did not become an issue until it looked like the republicans were going to lose…

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