Oinker of the Day 11.3

We can’t go a day without the cops, an elected official or someone complaining about “the media” as the source of problems in the city, such as distorting the crime rate. Considering that “the media” are businesses like any others serving customers, isn’t it the general public that’s to blame for having the bloodlust that craves, even demands, sensationalism?

— Margo Pierce

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One Comment on “Oinker of the Day 11.3”

  1. I don’t want the guy to lose his job, but one of the obvious perversions of the media is the Good News column of the Inkwar.

    Repeat after me: Man bites dog is news, not the obverse

    News is here. (Late in Sinincincinnati, granted.) It’s queer. Get used to it.

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