Drunk Bastards?

We’ve yet to meet anyone who doesn’t like Cincinnati’s hometown Rock & Roll heroes The Heartless Bastards. Even snarky music critics have been universal in their praise of the band’s two albums and cross-country live performances. So … what the heck happened in Oregon? In better news, the band’s song “All This Time” (the title track from their most recent album) was featured in the opening of the NBC show, Friday Night Lights. If you missed it, you can watch the full episode here (click on Episode 5, “Git ‘er Done”). Or instead you could, you know, just play the actual album without the teeny soap opera distractions.

— Mike Breen

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One Comment on “Drunk Bastards?”

  1. Hopper Says:

    Yo – what did happen in Oregon?

    And – I do kinda like them Friday Night Lights – but you probably could’ve guessed that.

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