Oinker of the Day 10.27

Are protest banners pointless exercises in trying to get attention for a hopeless cause, an important part of our First Amendment right to free speech — or something else?

— Margo Pierce

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5 Comments on “Oinker of the Day 10.27”

  1. Is your blog post a pointless exercise in trying to get attention for a cuase, or something else?

  2. jane when i order coffee Says:

    feeling powerless is different than feeling complacent. it’s worth it to try. i hate that cincinnatians don’t protest well, because it makes me feel like i’m the only one disagreeing with something. if every lonely objecter went outside with a sign, maybe we’d all see each other and feel better. let’s not call it pointless. on top of being free speech, it at least represents an element of culture that i value. (you won’t see me, though. i got fed up and moved to northern california, heartbroken after being in san francisco in the months leading to war declared in iraq, and ran around in the streets with everyone else there while i got told only six people were out on fountain square, getting yelled at by people in cars. i decided cincinnati wasn’t the place to spend my 20s, at very least. action? reaction? social capital? who starts this mess? who cleans it up? i don’t know.)

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Wow, the Dean criticizing something for being “pointless” and “trying to get attention”? Like Nate Livingston complaining that someone is “short” and “obnoxious.”

  4. Natasha Says:

    Jane WIOC, believe me, there are many more than 6 people in Cincy who care.

    In January, before the war was officially declared, there were 3 buses (or was it 4, I can’t remember) of us (Cincinnatian’s) who went to DC to protest. There has been an ongoing movement since before then.

    Yeah we are, unfortunately, outnumbered by the ultra conservatives, but that doesn’t mean we don’t exist, and we certainly aren’t quiet.

  5. Berta Lambert is my hero because of all his peace-related signs, and his and his signs’ high visibility.
    I’m proud to say I was introduced to Berta by Maurice McCrackin.

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