Dale Mallory Still M.I.A.

Where’s Dale?

When Cincinnati Mayor Mark Mallory served as emcee Tuesday at a crowded downtown fundraiser that featured former President Bill Clinton as the keynote speaker, Mallory made sure to mention the Democratic state lawmakers seated in the audience and introduced non-incumbent Connie Pillich, who gave a stirring speech about her military service and her campaign to win the 28th District seat in the Ohio House of Representatives.

Noticeably absent from the introductions and podium, however, was the mayor’s own brother, Dale Mallory, a non-incumbent who is running for Mark’s old 32nd District seat.

Dale Mallory’s disappearing act is par for the course so far this campaign season. Impeached as president of the West End Community Council and facing a criminal investigation about allegedly emptying that group’s bank account three months after he was removed from office, Dale Mallory has avoided any public campaigning and refused to answer reporters’ questions about his secret lobbying on behalf of the proposed City Link Center, a project opposed by many West End residents. Also, he declined to fill out the League of Women Voters questionnaire that is routine for most campaigns.

The fundraiser for Democratic congressional candidate John Cranley, which drew a crowd of about 600 people, was a prime opportunity for lesser-known candidates lower on the party ticket to get valuable face time with voters and make a pitch for their support.

Dale Mallory has tried to duck controversy and hope most voters are unaware of the dispute, preferring instead to rely on his family’s name and history in public service to help him achieve victory. In the words of Sgt. Schultz from the old Hogan’s Heroes sitcom, “I see nothing, I hear nothing, I know nothing.”

Besides having a brother who is mayor and a former state representative, Dale’s other relatives include his father, William Mallory Sr., who was in the Statehouse for 28 years before retiring in 1994. The elder Mallory also serves on the mass transit board that oversees Cincinnati’s Metro bus system and is a member of the Ohio Elections Commission. Dale’s other brother, William Jr., is a Hamilton County Municipal Court judge who is running unopposed this fall for a seat on the Common Pleas Court; another brother, Joseph, is an elections administrator for the county’s board of elections.

As part of Dale Mallory’s paid consulting work for the Cincinnati Empowerment Corp., he lobbied — unbeknownst to the community council — on City Link’s behalf. Also, Dale worked with Joseph in a voter registration drive in the mostly industrial Queensgate neighborhood.

Dale Mallory is slated to make at least one public appearance this week — in court. He was scheduled to appear today to answer a lawsuit filed by Cadlerock Joint Venture, a creditor trying to recover a $37,475 debt that the company says Mallory owes. The debt dates back to at least the mid-1990s. Mallory has contested the debt, and said the certificate of judgment expired years ago.

— Kevin Osborne

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5 Comments on “Dale Mallory Still M.I.A.”

  1. Westender Says:

    Thank you Kevin!
    The Mallory thugs have ruled with an iron fist for too long. Dale’s outrageous CityLink stunt was a tipping point that enraged a number of inner city communities.
    The more we learned, the more leads to further corruption.
    The January WECC meeting will never be forgotten. The Beatty boys (Junebug and the City Hall Killer) threatened to kill any one that tried to discuss CityLink. That meeting forced good citizens to demand an impeachment.
    Dale’s in denial. He has no understanding of right or wrong. He only knows he’s a Mallory.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Dale is going to lose. 1/4 of the Dem’s will vote for his opponent. Why isn’t the ODP urging him to step aside?!

  3. Male Dallory Says:

    Mr. Osborne, thanks for the followup to your outstanding cover story.

    Dale doesn’t even attend “safe” events like this one. I have never seen a political campaign run like this. The candidate is under criminal investigation, and he refuses to address the issue or even speak to the public.

    And if he did speak what could he say? He can’t really deny that his own community council impeached him. He also can’t deny that he wrote the check to cash that cleaned out the community council bank account. Bank witnesses have gone on record. He can’t lie his way out of this, so he has decided to act like it doesn’t matter, much like his $37,000 of debt. Dale’s solutions to problems are to pretend they don’t exist and ignore them. That may be fine for Dale, but it would be troubling should he be elected to represent the 32nd.

    Another reason Dale probably doesn’t feel safe even at Democratic events is because most of the vocal people against Dale Mallory ARE Democrats. They have protested Democratic forums and meetings in the last year because of Dale Mallory. It isn’t some right wing cabal that is fighting Dale, it is a grassroots effort comprised of mainly urban dems.

  4. WestEnder Says:

    FYI, the “Westender” above is not me.

    But I basically agree with the other westender. I also would put more blame on the voters who elected Mallory over Eve Bolton in the Dem primary. Mallory’s problems were already in the open but he still got elected.

    People who are upset with Mallory talk as if he was appointed to the ballot. He wasn’t; he got the votes. It’s not the Mallory family’s fault that voters can be dumb.

  5. Don't Shake His Hand Says:

    Could the reason Dale Mallory has been avoiding Kim Hale have anything to do with his fear that she has been coached by a MASTER deBATER. 🙂

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