Ohio GOP Bracing for Disaster

Internal polling conducted by the Ohio Republican Party indicates this fall’s election could be among the top three worst ever for state GOP candidates, party sources said.

The poll numbers, which haven’t been publicly released, show that deep voter discontentment with Gov. Bob Taft and other current state officeholders, as well as some misgivings about President Bush, is seeping over into other political races.

Recent GOP polling data has Democrats sweeping all statewide offices up for election: governor, attorney general, auditor, secretary of state and treasurer. Also, the fallout is affecting the U.S. Senate race, with Republican incumbent Mike DeWine trailing Democratic challenger Sherrod Brown by up to seven percentage points, sources said.

The good news for Republicans is that the trend doesn’t appear to be spreading to U.S. House races, where GOP candidates are faring better. In fact, the latest polling has incumbent Steve Chabot beating Democrat John Cranley for Ohio’s 1st Congressional District seat.

Overall, the poll shows that voters prefer Democrats over Republicans by roughly 60 percent to 40 percent when asked about a generic race. The GOP’s numbers rise slightly when respondents were asked about specific candidates.

Party insiders said the political climate is the worst the state GOP has faced since the elections of 1958 and 1970, when many Republicans were swept from office. In the former election, the GOP faced a backlash over its proposed “right to work” amendment that would have outlawed mandatory union membership agreements, which was defeated by almost a million votes. In the latter election, the party was rocked by a scandal in the state treasurer’s office.

— Kevin Osborne

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3 Comments on “Ohio GOP Bracing for Disaster”

  1. The King Says:

    Woo Hoo! Chabot rocks! Way to hold serve and not get runover by those commie Democrats.
    I want to claim that the above is not technically a mixed metaphor because it is perfectly possible to hold serve while not being overrun by Democrats. You’d all have to come out to my palacial Indian Hill estate and lie in wait only to discover that I don’t play tennis at all. I just spend the summer on the patio lounging in my vintage 70’s tennis garb. Sometimes I choose Fila(a la Borg) and others I opt for Sergio Tacchinni. Always by my side is my trusty Jack Kramer Pro-Staff flyswatter.

    I like to wear my socks up to my knees. Not as a fashion statement but because it provides calf support. You need any edge you can get. You know, If I actually were to play tennis.

  2. Brian Says:

    The Republican Party is bracing for disaster in the November 2006 mid-term election because of their self-inflicted wounds. The fact of the matter is that Chabot is a fascist, Jean Schmidt is a war whore and DeWine is a rubber stamp. Need I mention the parade of republican criminals we have witnessed from Delay to Foley? A symptom of the republican disease is the completely negative campaign they have been running this year. After a decade of ruling Congress, republicans have nothing good to say. First they kidnap compassion, which is the property of the Democratic Party, and then they commit suicide. This November, the victim is released.

  3. Neal Watzman Says:

    I can see why Cranley is losing and Chabot is winning. Anybody, well at least according to the advertising, who would use a Tazer on a 7 year-old girl deserves to lose. Don’t you agree?

    I mean, he would do that, now would he?

    And I know those ads have to be true. Or else they wouldn’t run them, right?

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