Help! Cheney’s Still Coming

Watch for a major makeover of CityBeat World Headquarters in time for Vice President Dick Cheney’s visit on Wednesday. We hope to spruce up the exterior of the building so he knows just how welome he is.

Cheney is expected at the Phoenix restaurant about 11:30 a.m. Wednesday to address the Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber of Commerce. We’re inviting anyone with a message for the vice president to use the sidewalk in front of our building, 811 Race St. We’d suggest you use the sidewalk in front of the Phoenix, but the SS (Secret Service) will no doubt keep mere citizens from getting too close to the great man. The city of Cincinnati has already announced the nearby Garfield Garage will be locked down from 10:30 a.m.-1 p.m.

— Gregory Flannery

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8 Comments on “Help! Cheney’s Still Coming”

  1. Natasha Says:

    I truly wish I could be in attendance. I’ll certainly be there in spirit.

    I think my sign would read, “Will our upcoming votes be truly counted and tallied?”

    Please keep us, your devoted readers, apprised of the events as they unfold on Wednesday.

  2. The King Says:

    Yes, your votes were counted. You lost.

    Why don’t you wannabees seize the Garfield Park and declare it People’s Park. Flannery already thinks he’s Abbie Hoffman(and he’s right, at least the bipolar part).

  3. MC Says:

    So many messages, so little time.

    I applaud your civic spirit and hope that the message is undeniably clear and very, very large, like, “Hail to Thee, Dark Lord! Cash This Way” in bold 10′ letters with directional arrows for the easily confused.

    (OR) Could there be any mention of building policy re firearms? Something about the VP “checking his weapon at the door”?
    The rest of the attendees would appreciate this safety measure, I am sure. Cincinnati already has enough guns in the hands of other disturbed people and criminals.

    (OR) In the upcoming Halloween holiday spirit, how about “He’s baaaack! Be afraid–be very afraid”?

    While I wish I could witness this rare appearance of Deferment Dick in person, I will eagerly wait for your coverage of this event.

  4. Natasha Says:

    To The King:

    I envy you your blind optimism. I used to be that way, I think… I wish I could go back to thinking everything was just hunky dory. It’s easier that way.

    I’m not sure what you think we “wannabes” want to be?

    Are you upset because we want less killing and more life? Are you pissed off because we want equal health care for all citizens? Or is it just that you think it’s ok to be lied to by our government?

    There’s a lot of things I want to be; a lot of things I want our country to be. It’s just not happening.

  5. Pathetic Says:

    Well I appreciate the City Beat Crews efforts but tht was the most pathetic protest I have ever been to. As Arlo said, “Ya gotta sing loud if you want to end war and stuff” Ya got to show up first.

  6. The King Says:

    HeyMC, by Deferment Dick are you referring to your own plans to finally come out of the closet? This sure was a lame ass attempt at agitprops(even by CityBeat standards).

  7. The King Says:

    I think Natasha is Natasha Mcelhorne(or whatever her name is) from the film “Ronin.”
    She obviously digs my vibe. Baby, if this is really you you can count on me backing national health care or any other silly cause of yours. We should get on an Enemies List or something sometime.

  8. Natasha Says:

    Busted. I’m really me…

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