Help Us Welcome Dick Cheney

The vice president is scheduled to speak at the Phoenix restaurant at 11:30 a.m. Wednesday, right across from CityBeat World Headquarters.

We have a bit of sidewalk space in front of the building. Perhaps you’d like to use it to give Dick Cheney a message about the shameful U.S. war in Iraq or about the brazen assault on civil liberties by the Bush regime.

We’re at 811 Race St. We hope to see you Wednesday.

— Gregory Flannery

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10 Comments on “Help Us Welcome Dick Cheney”

  1. JoeC Says:

    Awww…c’mon, it’s a shameful war, but after spending a day with the veep, I’ve discovered being around so much evil is a lot of fun:

  2. anonymous Says:

    Am I still invited if I want to write a supportive message?

  3. Gregory Flannery Says:

    No, but thanks for asking.

  4. The King Says:

    Dear Mr.Cheney, just wanted to apologize for the CityBeat 5th column.
    Flannery’s every post is just another edition of sedition.

  5. Pissed! Says:

    Come on down and exercise your freedom of speach… or what’s left of it.

  6. Kevin Osborne Says:

    The King, c’mon now, the owners of CityBeat and its building are merely exercising their private property rights, rights that often are touted by conservatives. They can put up whatever they want on the side of the building, as long as it complies with local zoning laws.

    And if you want poor, beleaguered Mr. Cheney not to have his delicate eyes fixed on a sign containing a negative message, I’m not sure where that would be except perhaps somewhere in Indian Hill.

  7. Pissed! Says:

    The King has NO CLOTHS!

  8. The King Says:

    Judging by the Wulsin signs I’ve seen driving through Indian Hill I’d say he’d have to see them there too. Champagne socialists are worse than you poor ones.

    Wulsin: rich people should pay more for gas. Now there is a practical thinker.

  9. Natasha Says:

    And Jean Schit would have a two-year cap on oxygen for medicare/medicaid recipients. Sorry folks, if you need oxygen for more than two years, you’re schit outta luck.

    What will she think of next?

  10. Cindy Says:

    your blog is amazing. I have to visit it again.

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