Voice No Longer from the Village

Serious film criticism has been on the wane for several years. Mass marketing via television, Internet and other more creative/nefarious means (fast food tie-ins and the like) have dulled the impact of film critics to the point that very few moviegoers bother to check reviews anymore.

“Hey, did you see the trailer on Myspace the other day?” is more likely than “Hey, did you see David Edelstein’s review in New York Magazine?”

As a result, many dailies (including The Cincinnati Enquirer) have gone to wire reviews, which yields a severely stunted variance of voices covering the beat. Those voices that do appear are often watered down to cater to a broad audience.

Even alt-weekly granddaddy The Village Voice, long a bastion of arts criticism, is a victim of the times. A friend forwarded this blurb from the New York Craigslist today. Looks like New Times Media — the nation’s largest publisher of alt-weekly papers who bought the Voice last October — is finally dismantling the one area of the paper that remained relatively unaffected by their big-media approach.

The Village Voice is looking for a film editor. We need someone with a deep, working knowledge of movies past and present, a passion for the form, and the skill and experience necessary to edit critics, assign reviews and coordinate coverage of releases in seventeen major American cities. The job requires high energy, a reader-oriented sensibility and a commitment to provocative, entertaining criticism that informs, challenges and excites a broad national audience. We’re not looking for a film scholar or historian; we want an experienced, smart, witty, hard-working editor to produce coverage that appeals to the widest possible audience. Send us your resume, a cover letter that explains your qualifications and philosophy, and any other relevant materials to:

David Blum, Editor in Chief, The Village Voice, 36 Cooper Square, New York, NY 10003.

No phone calls or e-mails, please.

A broad national audience? We’re not looking for a film scholar or historian? Appeals to the widest possible audience? Hmm, I thought USA Today already had a film editor.

— Jason Gargano

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3 Comments on “Voice No Longer from the Village”

  1. The King Says:

    Good, this means we won’t get another pretentious Andrew Sarris. And I won’t have to be nauseated by liberals blathering on about auteur theory.

  2. ramos' ghost Says:

    because auteur theory is a critical philosphy exclusive to liberals.

    you’re a moron, king.

  3. The King Says:

    Ramos probably gets aroused reading Film Comment.

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