Oinker of the Day 10.13

Do you read newspapers? Why/not?

— Margo Pierce

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7 Comments on “Oinker of the Day 10.13”

  1. Hetts Says:

    I do read newspapers…the morning daily, the weekly suburban, CityBeat, CinWeekly, and an out-of-town paper when possible. For one, that’s how I was raised…you kept track of your town via the newspaper. For another, I’m tactile and, despite the ink, I like the feel of the paper. Sunday mornings are meant for newspapers and crossword puzzles. Habit, I suppose, but one that’s not being passed on to the next generation so I realize I’m pretty much a dinosaur.

  2. WestEnder Says:

    I do not read a daily newspaper. Years ago, newspapers’ primary purpose may have been information and analysis, but corporatization has changed all that. The primary purpose of newspapers (and most mass media) is to create a forum that brings advertisers and consumers together. A good example of this was The Enquirer’s recent “advisory panel” of community citizens which turned out to be a marketing survey.

    I read CityBeat and an occasional NYTimes, WSJ or USAToday but since I am more interested in substantive information than shopping I have little use for dailies.

  3. Natasha Says:

    I get all my news from the net.

  4. krb Says:

    When I was in Cincy, I used to read citybeat regularly during my lunch break. I didn’t get the paper at home, but when I went to my mom’s house, I would usually read the enquirer in the mornings. Now, in DC, I read the City Paper (our alt weekly) regularly on Thursdays, and on my commute on the train in the morning, I read one of two free dailys. I’d never have enough time to make it through the Washington Post…

    It’s easy to chase down info on the web, but like Hetts, I like the feel and format of the paper. And it’s nice to get away from the computer for a bit. And I’ve found that I’ll read stories in a newspaper that I often wouldn’t read on-line.

  5. Jimmy Says:

    I look for news, even look at the dailies sometimes, mostly online. But I will also pick up a Citybeat because it’s free and also interesting and different (I read a lot managzines, news or otherwise, as well). At least the local daily still has a good sports section; that seems to be one of the few things they offer that stands out.

    Also, you can’t read a computer on the toilet (well, I guess I could if I could afford a laptop). I think newspapers will die soon enough unless they find a niche (like being free and thought-provoking). Wouldn’t be suprised to see dailies go down the weeklies’ “free” route at some point. Can 50 cents a paper really be that huge of a source of revenue?

  6. We used to get the daily Enquirer and Post. We dropped the Enquirer when it finally became too annoying, and dropped the Post after they started letting go staff and the contents dwindled to the size of a church bulletin. CityBeat and the Sunday NY Times are the only print newspapers I read now. I scan the Enquirer and Post online, but other than a few writers, they’re mostly worthless. I spend about an hour reading the news online every morning.

  7. Slight angle/tangent off topic:
    We are going through a “phase transition.”
    It’s similar to the revitalization of downtown Sinincincinnati.

    Newspaper/topic is interesting to me as I was in the paper industry (fine/printing paper) many years ago. One reason I left it was because I mistakenly thought we were on the verge of a paperless society. D’oh.

    With regard to revitalizing the ‘hood here: It’s a matter of getting in synch.
    The flood of folks wanting to live at the CENTER of the ACTION have yet to connect with the deli’s and what-not. Or the deli’s and what-not have yet…
    It WILL happen.

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