Friday’s Flicks

This week’s batch offers up a little of everything: An intriguing documentary, a horror movie, a political satire (could there be anything else right now?), a biopic and an action film that conjures prime-era Jean-Claude Van Damme. You remember that, right?

Dig in.

Oct. 13 (click on the grade to see review or preview):

The Grudge 2: D

Infamous: B

Jesus Camp: B+

Man of the Year: C-

The Marine: C-

Flick of the Week: Infamous

Yes, that other Truman Capote movie finally gets its release this week after being delayed more than a year. As you’ll read in my review, writer/director Douglas McGrath’s version treads eerily similar ground as last year’s Capote — a version that deservedly garnered copious accolades — both of which center on the creation of the author’s masterpiece, In Cold Blood.

Speaking on the Charlie Rose Show the other night, Infamous’ Toby Jones (who ably plays Capote) and Sandra Bullock (who’s also strong as Nelle Harper Lee) discussed the inevitable comparisons to the other version.

Bullock said both films went into production at the same time in late 2004, with Capote having its leading man (Philip Seymour Hoffman) in place but lacking funding while Infamous suffered from the reverse situation: plenty of money but no Capote. The former eventually hit theaters first, a fact that will no doubt have a large impact on how Infamous will be received by audiences.

“There are many ways to tackle Capote’s story, and Doug’s (McGrath) version is just another perspective on an endlessly fascinating man,” Bullock said.

True enough, which is why we recommend checking out Infamous.

— Jason Gargano

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