Oinker of the Day 10.12

Why is full male frontal nudity more controversial than full female frontal nudity? Is what guys have so special that it warrants such shock and panic?

— Margo Pierce

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8 Comments on “Oinker of the Day 10.12”

  1. The female reproductive organ is internal; the male reproductive organ is external.

    The taboo is against exposing the reproductive organ. This is why Playboy (which does not show women spreding legs to expose the reproductive organ) is considered by some as “classier” than, say, Hustler.

  2. Julie Mullins Says:

    Yes, but the vulva (including the clitoris) is external. I think it probably is more of a vulnerability question – exposure of man’s most vulnerable (I almost typed vulVerable LOL) area(s) as opposed to women’s (“OK” for women to be exposed, vulnerable).

  3. The Dean Says:


    I we were standing, naked, in front of one another, you would be able to see my penis and my scrotum. I would not be able to see anything except your pubic hair, unless you shave.

    Do you deny that fact?

  4. Julie Mullins Says:

    Well, by and large that would probably be true, but I would have to say that depends on the woman. As you are most likely aware, variances in female genitalia’s size, shape and amount and color of hair abound, accounting for what would be visible in the scenario you describe.
    Also, in that situation – and in most R-rated films wherein the naked male genitals rarely appear anyway – the man’s genitals would most likely be in an unaroused state e.g. not in a “potent” or “powerful” state, again suggestive of “weakness”, vulnerability or even impotence, and the like.

    As an aside, how do you know I’m biologically female?

  5. WestEnder Says:

    In the spirit of Occam’s razor (brought to mind perhaps because of the subject of shaving) I’ll pass on what someone else gave as an answer to the nudity mystery: the female body is more aesthetically pleasing.

  6. Margo,
    What are your sources saying my nudity is more controversial? Maybe I’m having a hard/flacid time understanding, seeing as how Michelangelo has had me out there–sort of–in Florence for half a century.

    Julie Mullins, Michelangelo hasn’t done you yet! Neener neener!

    And back in Jesus’ day, penises were erect here, there and everywhere on many a pedestal and coffee table. (coffee?)
    And how about that Greek play, Lysistrata? Were there some boners in there?
    How soon we forget… mumble mumble

  7. Natasha Says:

    I think the reason for reluctance to show men’s genitalia (especially in the aroused state) is because men are the primary purveyors of visual erotica, and men are uncomfortable looking at other schlongs.

    A bit of homophobia. And, unfortunately, it’s still a man’s world.

  8. Julie Mullins Says:

    Good points, Natasha. In addition to my previous more political-/feminist-leaning suggestions, I’d like to second the notion that women’s bodies are generally considered to be more aesthetically pleasing than men’s – at least in contemporary culture (with all due respect to Michaelangelo).

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