Oinker of the Day 10.11

What matters more: being involved in a committed relationship (monogamous or otherwise) or being legally married? And if marriage matters more, why not make it easy for couples to marry regardless of their gender mix?

— Margo Pierce

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6 Comments on “Oinker of the Day 10.11”

  1. Can anyone say “Non Sequitur”?

  2. citybeat Says:

    Dean, can a question ever properly be said to be a non-sequitur? Your objection is unclear.

  3. Gregory Flannery Says:

    By the way, the remark to the Dean was from me, not from CityBeat. I wrote it while logged on for administrative purposes.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    I don’t even know what “marriage” means anymore. Any way you slice it, not letting gay people get married is government-sanctioned discrimination. People who oppose it say it’s to preserve the sanctity of marriage or whatever. To me, it makes the whole notion of marriage meaningless. The anti-gay marriage crap going on now will be looked back upon in the history books the same way we look at seperate drinking fountains for blacks. Guaranteed.

  5. The questions are presented sequentially, as part of an if-then proposition.

  6. Dean, Margo has found an inconsistency here: rabidly pro-marriage (marriage, as opposed to just foolin’ around) folks are not rabid at all when it comes to same-sex marriage.
    You and I need to roll Margo’s discovery into a neat little cone and jab some folks in the peeper with it, not quibblle over sequiturs vs. non…

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