Parrotheads and Glow Sticks?

Pour out the margaritas and unpack the bong, Parrotheads, Jimmy Buffett apparently has a new drug of choice. The Buffster was reportedly busted in France for allegedly possessing over 100 tablets of Ecstasy in his luggage. Buffett’s people contest the charges, saying what authorities found was actually prescribed medication. If anyone one knows who Jimmy’s “doctor” is, let me know so I can make an appointment, pronto. This news will become the first (and so far only) entry in my forthcoming “10 Things I Love About Buffett” article, a sequel to this controversial piece from 2000 (which, amazingly, I still get mail about). “Wasting away again in … ooh, feel this pillow, it’s soooo soft …” — Mike Breen

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