Oinker of the Day 10.6

Intelligent design — creationism meets a PR firm — is an issue in the state school board election after being removed from the state curriculum earlier this year. If the majority of Ohio citizens are Christians, why not allow religion in the classrooms of public schools?

— Margo Pierce

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2 Comments on “Oinker of the Day 10.6”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Because it’s not science. Teach it in philosophy class if you want. Can you imagine if science teachers — you know, people who actually look at the science — had to teach that hooey as a legitimate theory? Could they do it with a striaght face?

  2. Michelle L Says:

    “Intelligent Design” is neither intelligent nor a design, and has no basis in scientific fact. Scientific fields like Anthropology and Genetics have thousands of years of evidence that is beginning to trace the path of human EVOLUTION. “Intelligent Design” has a book of collected short stories of morality, also known as the BIBLE.

    If you want your kids to have religious education, send them to Sunday school. “Intelligent Design” is based upon Christian Theology…what about the Muslims, Hindus, and Jews in your classrooms? Why should those children be subjected to that drivel?

    Our PUBLIC education system can barely teach kids to read and write and now the Christian Conservatives want them to add yet another facet to the curriculum? Without passing a levy to pay for it too, I’d bet. Of course, if we stopped giving a huge chunk of our PUBLIC education money to PRIVATE schools, maybe they could actually teach math and science as well. But don’t get me started on THAT fiasco.

    If the Christians want to save future generations/society, please fund programs that produce better teachers, better parenting skills, and most of all Safe Sex. Those are at least real problems. Who came first, Adam or the Amoeba, is not.

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