Friday’s Flicks

It’s Friday. That means new movies.

Beginning today, we’re going to post a list of each Friday’s opening films accompanied by our grade and a link to our review or preview (sometimes those stingy studio people don’t screen stuff for us).

You’ll also get my “Flick of the Week” pick followed by a brief, probably indulgent write-up as to why I deemed it so.

Here we go.

Oct. 6 (click on the grade to see review or preview):

Another Gay Movie: C-

The Departed: A

Employee of the Month: C-

Heading South: Not screened

Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning: Not screened

Flick of the Week: The Departed

And I haven’t even seen it yet. Without getting too deep into the behind-the-scenes logistics, none of the five opening films actually screened locally before our deadline, and two were not screened at all.

That said, I think I can recommend that Martin Scorsese’s latest is undoubtedly the best of the bunch (though I’m intrigued by Laurent Cantet’s Heading South.)

As you’ll read in Cole Smithey’s review, The Departed is a return to Scorsese’s gritty, Mean Streets youth: a violent, bad-mouthed testosterone fest propelled by its cast of Jack Nicholson, Leonardo DiCaprio, Matt Damon and Mark Wahlberg.

Based on the Hong Kong police thriller Infernal Affairs (2002), Scorsese transplants the action to Boston and no doubt revels in his deft technical skills (aided by longtime editor Thelma Schoonmaker and director of photography Micheal Ballhaus).

While I appreciated his last two fictional films — the bloated but often fascinating Gangs of New York and the sprawling, largely entertaining The Aviator — I’m happy to see Scorsese back in a smaller-scale milieu, a place where his unique, visceral visions burn brightest.

(Check back in the coming days to get my definitive impressions of the film, as I intend to catch it over the weekend.)

— Jason Gargano

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One Comment on “Friday’s Flicks”

  1. mr skin Says:

    Any film starring Jack Nicholson will always deserve a look at and his new movie, The Departed, is no exception. Even at 69 years old, Nicholson is the most interesting character in this film. I definately recommend this flick.

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