That “Comer Hither” Radio Stylee

Local musician and radio personality Chris Comer (of the awesome Chris & Rob Late Night Talk Show, which airs on WAIF every Tuesday at 10 p.m.) has started a new Web site featuring audio versions of several of his interviews (some alone, some with co-host Rob Ervin). The interviews posted so far are mainly with musical figures, including Fred Frith, Bill Bruford, Slavic Soul Party, Keith Emerson, David Sylvian and Billy Bob Thorton (who is kind of a musician). There’s also an MP3 from Chris and Rob’s great gab session with famed comic book writer Stan Lee.

Like Ervin, Comer is a great interviewer (they know their shit and are often hilarious) and it’s great to have all of these sessions in one place. Comer is adding more interviews gradually and is also taking requests; if there are any particular interviews you’d like to hear, shoot him an e-mail ( and — if the tapes are good — he’ll get them up.

— Mike Breen

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4 Comments on “That “Comer Hither” Radio Stylee”

  1. Pop Culture Boy Says:

    What the hell does “stylee” mean? Is that a typo in the headline?

    Also, Stan Lee is a famed comic book writer, not an artist. Otherwise, this piece is pretty good.

  2. Breen Says:

    Thanks PCB.


    “Currently the overused word of choice for British music critics, even (or especially) when it’s completely inappropriate.”

  3. Pop Culture Boy Says:

    Hmmmm … bizarre! 🙂

  4. Know Thyself Says:

    WOW! That guy’s website has nice graphics! Who is Fred Frith?
    Where are the MP3s of that crazy guy in Chivyit?

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