StreetScapes Salvages Weekend, Puts Art on Sale

The fifth annual StreetScapes street painting festival survived a rain-out by moving indoors last weekend, salvaging the Clifton event and inadvertently creating a fund-raising opportunity. With torrential rain Friday night and into Saturday, the intricate chalk paintings weren’t going to stick to Telford Street, so organizers moved the artists inside the nearby Ludlow Garage.

All but one of the chalk paintings ended up being produced on paper taped to the Ludlow Garage’s concrete floors, and now those paintings will be pulled up and auctioned off, with proceeds split between the artists and the planned Clifton Cultural Arts Center. (The painting done by the Art Academy of Cincinnati, traditionally the featured piece at StreetScapes, apparently was too large to fit onto paper and was done directly on the concrete floor.)

You can view all the paintings from 5-9 p.m. today, Wednesday and Friday at the Ludlow  Garage, between Ambar India and the recently closed Uno’s/Za on Ludlow Avenue. The silent auction ends at 9 p.m. Friday, with high bids winning each painting. The minimum bid for each piece is $300.

StreetScapes organizer Kip Eagen reports decent crowds for the event, though significantly less than the usual 5,000 people it’s attracted in previous years. Still, other than not having room inside for a kids area, StreetScapes managed to go on with the show, offering beautifully rendered chalk paintings, interaction with the artists, live music and other entertainment.

“We made lemonade out of lemons,” Eagen says. “Everyone had a good time.”

— John Fox

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