Local Singer/Songwriter Peter Adams Gets Magnet-ized

Local Indie Pop singer/songwriter Peter Adams scored a great profile piece in the current edition of Indie bible, Magnet (check local newstands for a copy). Adams’ debut, The Spiral Eyes (which we gave a rare but deserved “A+” when it came out last year), has drawn glowing reviews, but this is his highest-profile press so far. Amidst stories about My Morning Jacket and Sparklehorse, Adams’ gets a full page piece in the mag’s “Magnified” section (his name even appears on the front cover!).

The text isn’t online, but you can read the story at Peter’s Web site. Writer Corey duBrowa elegantly fawns over Adams’ self-produced, self-released CD, writing “The album’s dozen tracks include moments of Radiohead’s exquisitely crafted chamber angst, Jeff Magnum’s chemically-altered, wide-eyed wonder, Jeff Buckley’s angelic introspection and the Flaming Lips’ finest flights of orchestral fancy.”

Adams was recently nominated for his second Cincinnati Entertainment Award for best singer/songwriter.

— Mike Breen

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One Comment on “Local Singer/Songwriter Peter Adams Gets Magnet-ized”

  1. tecmorose Says:

    Is My Morning Jacket from Cincy, or were they just writing about them in the paper. I’ve driven through C-Natty once, the taste of Cincinatti was going on. I was suprised at how small a large city could seem to the outsider. It was really quite quaint. Check out my blog at, http://underdogs.wordpress.com , for some satire on pretty much anything and everything.


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