Sure He’s the Devil, but There’s So Much More

When I listened to the radio yesterday, all I heard quoted from Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez’ speech at the United Nations on Wednesday was that President Bush was the “devil” and that Chavez could still smell the sulfur lingering at the UN.

The National Public Radio report I listened to proceeded with an in-depth look at how this would affect Venezuela’s chances of getting on the UN Security Council and how it all looked to the world — you know, the important political stuff.

There was so much more substance to that speech, so much that I can agree with and that resonates with many Americans. An excellent report on the speech with analysis is at Democracy Now.

I’ll quote a section of the speech here:

“As (Noam) Chomsky says here clearly and in depth, the American empire is doing all it can to consolidate its hegemonic system of domination, and we cannot allow them to do that. We cannot allow world dictatorship to be consolidated. The world tyrant’s statement — cynical, hypocritical, full of this imperial hypocrisy, from the need they have to control everything; they say they want to impose a democratic model, but that’s their democratic model. It’s the false democracy of elites, and I would say a very original democracy that’s imposed by weapons and bombs and firing weapons. What a strange democracy. Aristotle might not recognize it, or others who are at the root of democracy. What type of democracy do you impose with marines and bombs?”

What type of democracy has a press that examines the surface and not the innards? Isn’t it time we gut this bald eagle and divine what sort of a future it’s carrying?

— Stephen Carter-Novotni

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One Comment on “Sure He’s the Devil, but There’s So Much More”

  1. you are a fucking Commie… fucking leave the country

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