Is Bronson’s Job in Jeopardy?

Peter Bronson must be quaking in his boots. A Sept. 7 article at AgapePress suggests media giant Gannett fired two editorial board members from The Indianapolis Star “because of their evangelical Christian beliefs.” If true, Gannett-owned Cincinnati Enquirer editorial board member Peter Bronson’s job is in danger too.

The two former Gannett employees have sued, claiming Gannett brought in “homosexual and pro-homosexual” managers who eventually forced them out. AgapePress, a news service of American Family Association (“America’s pro-family action Web site”), says the claimants are worried that not enough people know how secular media is promoting the de-Christianization of America. Besides vindication and money, they want to bring the “secularist monopolization of the media to light.”

And so they have.

— Sam Robinson

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5 Comments on “Is Bronson’s Job in Jeopardy?”

  1. Rambutan Says:

    Don’t fire Bronson for his religion, fire him because he’s a biased and incompenetent journalist.

    Take a look at this e-mail exchange Bronson had with The Dean.

  2. Enquiring Mind Wants to Know... Says:

    Mr. Bronson, The US Census Bureau rated Cincinnati as one of the poorest cities in the nation. We were rated number 8.

    Is it possible a connection to the recent misappropriation of funds story (J&HS $224million) can be made here?

    Even if there wasn’t a connection here, that we are NUMBER EIGHT IN THE NATION is not newsworthy?

  3. Haight Says:

    Kevin, are you hoping to slide into Pete’s job?

  4. Enquiring Mind? Says:

    It’s not local, it’s a state/federal problem. Ask the Mark Dann about this.

    It’s no coincidence that these two cities made the top ten.

  5. Mr. Bronson Says:

    Why do you mock the democracy for which the men and women are fighting in Iraq with your recent column?

    A time of serious reflection and facts would be more appropriate especially in light of the Congressman Ney’s conviction, lawsuits brought forward by the League of Woman Voters in regard to elections, and the State auditor’s investigation over $224 million dollars. How can you be making light of a very situation here in Ohio?

    One should not take his responsibilities too lightly. Setting an example about our patriotic and civil duties this election year in light of the war would be more appropriate.

    Or is this a game of “gotcha” with your subscribers?

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