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Crackers Say “Who Dey”

September 30, 2006

Bootsy Collins isn’t the only local musician with Bengals fever. Local turntablist squad The Animal Crackers — who recently represented the U.S. at the DMC World DJ Championships in London — and their MANIMAL label are putting together a Bengalscentric CD featuring Cincinnati area musical acts of all stripes.

The Crackers just put out the call to local artists to submit material for the CD, which they say will be out in time for the Bengals-Chargers game on Nov. 12. To find out where to send your stuff, go to

— Mike Breen

Borat Storms the Gates

September 30, 2006

The word-of-mouth buzz about the upcoming comedy film Borat: Cultural Learnings Of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan already ensures it will make some bucks at the box office (or at the very least be the year’s biggest cult flick). The trailer alone is funnier than any movie I’ve seen this year.

But leave it to international outrage to give the film a little extra nudge. When a movie becomes a “news” story and gets covered on CNN (albeit as a Jeanne Moos piece), you know you’re in for success. Borat (aka British comedian Sacha Baron Cohen, the man also behind Ali G) was featured on news channels Friday, defending himself at a faux press conference against claims by government officials from Kazakhstan (clearly some of the few people on the planet who don’t think Cohen is funny) who find his satirical portrayal of their country highly offensive. (more…)

Note to Cranley: Come Out of the Iraq Closet

September 29, 2006

John Cranley’s latest commercial is cheesy as hell. An impersonator posing as George W. Bush makes a mock phone call to U.S. Rep. Steve Chabot (R-Westwood), thanking him for supporting the administration 92 percent of the time.

The commercial ends with faux-Bush telling Chabot, “And thanks for not asking any pesky questions about Iraq. You’re doing a heck of a job, Chaby!”

“Shabby” well describes Cranley’s own position on the war. While attacking his opponent, Cranley is still unable to bring himself to say if he believes it was wrong to invade Iraq or how he would have voted on authorizing the invasion.

— Gregory Flannery

The New Musical Immortals?

September 29, 2006

Watching Green Day and U2 perform together on Monday Night Football from New Orleans got me thinking about a topic I ponder often. In 20 years, who are the musical artists of today who will be seen as “legendary”? (more…)

Music Fest Madness Continues (Now With Hooker References!)

September 28, 2006

Though summer is the traditional “festival” season in Cincinnati, it’s looking like early fall is shaping up nicely as well, especially for music fans. MidPoint is done and Tall Stacks is next week, but music lovers have a nice stop-gap fest at East End Cafe this week. Starting tonight, the three-day Live at the Brothel Fest features a handful of really solid local, regional and national acts. (more…)

How Many Cops Does It Take to Arrest a Minister?

September 28, 2006

I have often criticized the way Cincinnati Police officers handle peaceful protests. In 2000, for example, while covering a nonviolent protest against corporate globalization, I was roughed up on Second Street by an officer for no apparent reason.

But last night I saw firsthand that the police have learned to deal professionally with people who are simply exercising their rights. The reforms of the past few years seem to have taken root in the Cincinnati Police Department. (more…)

Mallory Says His Bodyguard Isn’t a Bodyguard

September 26, 2006

Cincinnati Police Chief Thomas Streicher Jr. and City Manager Milton Dohoney today were dragged into the political fight between the mayor and city council about who should pay for the mayor’s bodyguard.

After council’s Finance Committee voted Monday to begin the process of transferring the bodyguard’s expense from the Police Department’s budget to the mayor’s office, Dohoney wrote a memo to council today saying he supports letting police pay for the bodyguard. (more…)