Mallory Snubs Love

A local businessman who heads a task force drafting policies about minority inclusion for the Banks riverfront project recently was slated to take a trip with other local officials to view a similar project in Atlanta, but was abruptly uninvited by Cincinnati Mayor Mark Mallory.

About two weeks ago, Reds owner Bob Castellini invited a group to travel on his private jet to visit Atlantic Station, a residential and retail project in Atlanta that was developed by AIG Global Real Estate Investment Corp. AIG is among the finalists being considered to build Cincinnati’s multimillion-dollar Banks project, along the riverfront between the Reds and Bengals stadiums.

Castellini is chair of The Banks Working Group, an advisory panel appointed by Cincinnati and Hamilton County officials to recommend a developer. Joining Castellini were Mallory and Hamilton County Commissioner Phil Heimlich, along with other members of the working group.

Also initially invited on the trip was Steve Love of the African American Chamber of Commerce. Love heads a working group subcommittee that is drafting a workforce inclusion policy that ensures participation by minority and women contractors.

According to insiders connected to the trip, Mallory requested that Love not attend, and limit the excursion to elected officials and working group members. As a result, Love’s invitation was rescinded.

Asked about the incident Tuesday following a working group meeting, Love declined comment. His sole response: “I’m invited to go in the future. I was invited, but I couldn’t go.”

People connected with the trip said Love is being diplomatic, and they stand by their version of events. No one connected with the trip was given a reason why Love was uninvited, they added.

— Kevin Osborne

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3 Comments on “Mallory Snubs Love”

  1. fairness one Says:

    Love is nothing but a race-hustler anyway. Good for Mallory.

  2. George Says:

    Only the house niggas are invited on this trip. If we need the field help, the overseers will let you know boy.

  3. The King Says:

    Mallory snubs Love? But they were getting along so well. I distinctly remember you reporting the Mayor was taking his love to Ft.Lauderdale.

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