The Finney Invitation

Responding to reader requests, here is the full text of the invitation that attorney Christopher Finney sent out to supporters Aug. 23, seeking sponsors for a “meet and greet” event for Phil Heimlich on Oct. 4.

From: Christopher P. Finney, Esq
To: Christopher P. Finney, Esq
Sent: Wednesday, August 23, 2006 10:04 PM
Subject: Heimlich Meet and Greet — Wednesday, October 4, 2006

Can you help our “East-Side Meet and Greet” for Phil Heimlich?

In the midst of the major battles for Governor, U.S. Senate and United States Congress taking place in Hamilton County, you may have overlooked another important race — the battle for control of the Hamilton County Commission.

My friend and proven conservative Phil Heimlich is running for re-election this year against liberal, pro-wasteful spending Democrat David Pepper.  David Pepper intends to team up with Todd Portune to form the first liberal, democrat majority on the Commission in more than 30 years.  I need you help to return Phil Heimlich to the County Commission this fall.

Here’s all I ask:

1)    That you agree to co-sponsor the event, which means we will use you name on the invitation

2)    That you commit to come and bring along at least 10 Hamilton County voters.

3)     If you can pitch in a little something to help cover expenses, that would be appreciated.  We are trying to make sure this is no-net-cost for the campaign.

Here are the details for the event:

When:    Wednesday, October 4, 2006 from 5:30 to 8:00 PM

Where:    7261 Beechmont Avenue, Cincinnati, OH 45230.  (This is called “Oak Tree Center.”  It is where Pelican’s Reef and VIP Fitness are located.)  We will set up a tent in the lot.

Price:    Free.  We just want people to come to hear the Heimlich message.

Why am I so supportive of Phil Heimlich?

For more than 10 years in public life, I have watch Phil consistently make wise and sometimes politically difficult decisions to move our community forward.  When we needed to confront Damon Lynch and the rioters, Phil Heimlich stood up to the liberal City Council and demanded tough action.  On the County Commission, Phil has steadily pursued a policy of fiscal responsibility, keeping taxes and spending below the rate of inflation.  This follows the past two decades in which taxes and spending rose more than double and triple the rate of inflation.   This fiscal reform has been done, predictably, in the face of stiff and consistent opposition from a liberal cabal of social service groups, left-wing media and, yes, liberal Democrat Todd Portune.  One dividend of Phil’s policies of responsible spending is the chance to build the new jail without a net tax increase beyond inflationary limits.  This stands as a model as to how local governments can tackle difficult times while adhering to conservative principles of limited government.

David Pepper on the other hand has consistently supported irresponsible tax and spending proposals, such as millions in settlements for the rioters, a 1 cent sales tax increase for a boondoggle light rail system, and wasted money on the Empire Theater project.  Portune has played politics with public money; and now he is playing politics with public safety.   We do not need this pathetic promoter of corporate welfare on the County Commission.  Help me keep the County Pepper-free.

What should you do?

Please e-mail me back in the coming week, affirming your participation so I can get the invitation printed.

I will get you 25 copies or so to mail to your friends.

If you commit, I will be following up for your 10 committed names to make sure the event is a success.

Thank you!!!

Paid for by me, no chairman or treasurer required, address below.
Christopher P. Finney, Esq.
2623 Erie Avenue
Cincinnati, Ohio 45208

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12 Comments on “The Finney Invitation”

  1. Fumigator Says:

    For more than 10 years in public life

    Private life, too, right Chris? Like your business partnerships.

  2. Lies Says:

    Finney is literally just making up Pepper’s record. Pepper should sue him.

  3. Burke's Law Says:

    This fiscal reform has been done, predictably, in the face of stiff and consistent opposition from a liberal cabal of social service groups, left-wing media and, yes, liberal Democrat Todd Portune.

    Liberal cabal? Is this guy for real? This is 1950s Red Scare paranoia-speak.

    “Hamilton County Alert!! David Pepper and the cabal will soon put flouride in your Skyline!”

  4. Phil Heimlich?

    The guy who remained silent when one of our 3 MR/dd county operated schools that provide special education services to our children with disabilities was closed on his watch? The guy who permitted the levy ballot to misrepresent itself by asking for $343 million dollars for children’s services but allowed these services to be charged back to the schools?

    The same guy who allowed these kids to be “shipped” back to their district schools to be “warehoused” until graduation? The guy who can’t look a teacher or therapist from any district school in Hamilton County in the eye and ask them if their case load of paperword, work space, and time interferes with meeting the individual special needs of our children with serious disabilities?

    The guy who allowed the MR/dd superintendent to define for the students their own area of need and space without notifying parents? The same guy who wouldn’t question the decision or reasons on behalf of the parents why the school was allowed to close in the first place?

    He’s the guy who didn’t want to educated himself about what children with severe disaiblities need for their individualized education services in Hamilton County. He’s the guy who would rather see Todd Portune take criticism for reducing the intitial tax levy rather than stepping up to the plate to protect our children’s special education rights. He’s the guy who stood by silently and allowed the Frederich A. Breyer school close to save $250K (after annual tax rebate).

    A guy who doesn’t understand that a savings of $250K in special education services to the county cannot be somehow magically be absorbed by any one the district schools overnight. And he thinks we’re stupid?

    He needs to go!

  5. Mary H Says:

    Phil H the same guy who refused to give the bond money to Drake Hospital so that they could not keep the Skilled Nursing floor open and people like my 34 year old son that is also a Desert Storm Vet had to be shipped into a smelly nursing home until other arrangements could be made….Phil H the great guy that made a comment after I spoke at a Commisioners meeting pleading my son’s case that “what next, will they be bringing a parade of wheelchairs in?” Phil H….the same guy that hired you Mr Finney to evaluate if Drake Hospital was wasting money and helped in the decision to sell for such a “great price” and we are still waiting to see what the connection is there?????
    Oh yeah Phil H the guy who cares about the people….

  6. Mother of Mr/dd student Says:

    Heimlich’s silence though HC-MR-dd levy revealed more to parents of children and adults throughout the community than he or Chris Finney can ever give us credit for…. We need to get Chris Finney out of there, so vote NO to Heimlich’s re-election. It only takes a small margin to lose to an election and Heimlich silence and his association with Finney has cost him his political career.

  7. Mother Advocate Says:

    Dear Republican Mom,
    Do you know where Chris Finney finds companies like Maximus? Is there any connection to the big guns or antiquity (coin) market runners in Columbus? He must owe them something otherwise what qualifications do they have addressing health care needs in a community like Cincinnati? I heard they looked at the space in one of the therapy centers used for the kids with autistm and quantified it as “empty.”

    One of my Mom’s asked me how Tax Levy Review Co. could validate Maximus’s finding if they don’t know what “intergrated therapuetic services” look like or even bothered to ask the teacher, therapist, and parents who represent the kids. Evidently, the parent and teachers know what “integrated services” look like but nobody ever asks them. Even the big wigs at MR/dd them shut up.

    She and another Mom never received an answer. CAN ANYBODY IN CINCINNAT ANSWER THIS QUESTION?

  8. Elisabeths mom Says:

    Mary H. Please get in contact with me about the “linkage” as it appears that Chris Finney has a little too much power determining how our family live their lives. Is that what his role is and how come there is no one else appointed to check and balance? There is too much money that changes hands in Hamilton County and having the fox in the chicken coop compounds the problem for us all.

  9. The truth Says:

    Mary H. — Thanks for your comment. People need to understand the human impact caused by the Heimlich/Finney cabal.

    if you’re interested in sharing more details of what happened, you should call David Pepper’s campaign at 621-1150.

  10. Mary H Says:

    Oh wait and now Phil H is defending childrens rights (as in the Fiesel case) to further his political career? Give me a break…this is the same man that defends Bill Gothard Ministry and the child abuse they promote along with all the above mentioned “treason” he has instagaited that hurt our children? Oh yeah Phil H cares about children….haha

  11. elephant in the house Says:

    Mary … you forgot to put “white” in there. Phil only speaks up when white kids are murdered.

  12. Republican Against the Mean Men Says:

    Phil Heimlich and Chris Finney are two of the meanest men in this county. They verbally and publicly abuse anyone who disagrees with their bullying, cronyism, and self absorbed viewpoints. They humiliate at will without compunction…everything is driven by money and power. They do not represent the good people of this county whether Democrat or Republican and need to GO! They tried to destroy Drake Center and then claimed they saved it — hogwash! They are combative not collaborative and leave hurt, angry, disappointed and disgusted citizens as collateral damage in the wake of everything they touch.

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