Heimlich’s Backers Starting to Sound Desperate

Phil Heimlich’s political mentor is looking for a few good conservatives to co-sponsor a “meet and greet” with Heimlich in Anderson Township, and — harkening to the politics of personal destruction era of the 1990s— calls Heimlich’s campaign opponent “pathetic” in the mass e-mail invitation.

Attorney Christopher Finney, a conservative activist who has advised Heimlich for years, sent the invitations Wednesday night to dozens of registered Republican voters. The e-mail asks people to agree to co-sponsor the Oct. 4 event so their names can be used on invitations, adding, “If you can pitch in a little something to help cover expenses, that would be appreciated. We are trying to make sure this is no-net-cost for the campaign.”

Also, each person who responds is asked to bring along at least 10 Hamilton County voters. The event is scheduled to be held in a tent in the parking lot of Pelican’s Reef, in the 7200 block of Beechmont Avenue.

In the e-mail, Finney states, “In the midst of the major battles for governor, U.S. Senate and United States Congress taking place in Hamilton County, you may have overlooked another important race — the battle for control of the Hamilton County Commission. My friend and proven conservative Phil Heimlich is running for re-election this year against liberal, pro-wasteful spending Democrat David Pepper. David Pepper intends to team up with Todd Portune to form the first liberal, Democrat majority on the commission in more than 30 years. I need you help to return Phil Heimlich to the county commission this fall.”

Perhaps indicating the increasingly vituperative nature of the heated race, Finney wrote, “We do not need this pathetic promoter of corporate welfare on the county commission. Help me keep the county Pepper-free.”

The Oct. 4 event is free and open to the public. The invitation was sent two days after Finney complained to CityBeat about posting details on this blog about another Heimlich fundraiser.

That fundraiser, scheduled Sept. 7 at the Indian Hill mansion of Craig Lindner, boasts three people on the host committee — Reds owner Bob Castellini, developer Robert Rhein and accountant Crystal Faulkner — who also serve on county-appointed panels. Others on the host committee include eight members of the Lindner family and Henry Fischer, CEO of Fischer Homes, a company being investigated for the use of illegal immigrants in the Northern Kentucky home-building industry.

In the e-mail invitation for the October event, Finney praises Heimlich as a person who has reduced government spending “in the face of stiff and consistent opposition from a liberal cabal of social service groups, left-wing media and, yes, liberal Democrat Todd Portune.”

— Kevin Osborne

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11 Comments on “Heimlich’s Backers Starting to Sound Desperate”

  1. Peter Deane Says:

    I’ll be there with my camera… that’s for sure.

    Boy, it will be fun taking pictures of the County Clowns under the tent.

  2. With Bells On Says:

    Peter Deane and others, here’s directions to Pelican’s Reef, 7261 Beechmont.

  3. Jolly Jack Tar Says:

    Finally! Glad to see a reporter going after the Heimlich-Finney pirate ship. Good stuff.

  4. So, phil’s supporter doesn’t know how or refuses to comply with immigration laws ?

    Talk about corporate welfare !

    We pay the social service cost in the county for phil’s culture of corruption buddies to have undocumented cheap labor and then finney wants to build them a Si-palace jailhouse for weekend visits on the taxpayer dime ?


  5. John Galt Says:

    Kevin, can you please print Finney’s letter of complaint?

  6. With Bells On Says:

    Kevin, would also appreciate it if you’d u/l a copy of Finney’s invitation – thnx.

  7. Finneytown Says:

    Heimlich has given Finney a lot of power in the county by appointing him to the tax levy and Drake committees. On those committees, Finney has spearheaded radical tax cuts that gut social services, including health care for the poor and children. Finney likes to stay in the shadows and doesn’t like scrutiny so he was mad that CityBeat revealed the fundraiser for Heimlich. This bully likes to dish it out (look at his vicious comment about Pepper) but he can’t take it.

    Keep up the strong coverage.

  8. John Galt, Finney’s complaint came in the form of a telephone call, not a letter, unfortunately.

    With Bells On, I am working on uploading the invitation. Bear with me, I am not very technically savvy.

  9. With Bells On Says:

    Thanks, Kevin. Just saw the posted invitation.

    Technically savvy or not, you’re the best political reporter around. The Enquirer’s loss is our gain.

  10. Jack The Lad Says:

    I’ll second that! Keep up the great work Kevin.

  11. former republican -mother advocate Says:

    It’s delusional to think Finney cares about anything especially the fundraiser going public. Finney spares nothing to make Heimlich a hero and will have his buddies at the Enquirer creat a media love fest to further the delusional world they live in.

    Finney has his fingerprints all over of the MR/dd 2004 Mental Retardation Tax fiasco that ripped off the kids in Hamilton County and I”m sure he goes home every night quite pleased with himself and sees no connection to the consequences many of these kids will face day to day as a result of his dirty work.

    The man has no conscious, really. You bloggers are wasting your time by not digging deeper.

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