John Cranley is Full of Gas

For 30 minutes today Cincinnati City Councilman John Cranley will offer gasoline at $1.26 per gallon at the Marathon station at West Eight and Trenton streets. The gimmick is meant to highlight the surge in gas prices under the Bush regime.

Cranley, who is running for Congress in Ohio’s 1st District, timed the stunt to coincide with a visit by Vice President Dick Cheney, who is scheduled to visit Cincinnati for a fundraiser for U.S. Rep. Steve Chabot, a fellow Republican. The Cranley campaign will pay the station owner the difference between the discount and the regular price.

Does anyone think this is a good way to use campaign contributions from the public? Does this kind of pandering do anything to further public discussion?

— Gregory Flannery

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14 Comments on “John Cranley is Full of Gas”

  1. Of course Says:

    I think it rocks! The line was around the block. Shows how much people have been squeezed by the bankrupt policies of Cheney and Chabot. Brilliant!

  2. joann Says:

    this is a great idea! exactly what is your objection and what’s in it for you to object?

  3. joann Says:

    besides, he is giving the public funds back to the public instead of to some lobbyist.

  4. Sean Says:

    This moves the discussion on oil away from why it is so expensive in the first place. Should he really be promoting more gasoline consumption? Let’s hear Cranley’s proposals for alternative energy instead of simply making it seem as if oil is just an inconvenient economic factor.


    Chabot has oily hands.

    He is lost in the shuffle of an abysmal Administration run be an abysmal President, Vice President, Secretary of State, etc.

    Chabot and his Republican bosses who run the House and Senate are in fact diffferent kinds of idiots than the Bush-Cheney types — making it far worse.

    It is a cauldron of idiots like Chabot.

    if every person in the first district knew Chabot gave billions of taxdollars to oil men, the truth would be told.

    The future can be seen through this race.

    Isn’t that right “Sean Says Chabotheads”?

  6. Sam Robinson Says:

    I think it’s brilliant, maybe the smartest PR move Cranley’s ever made. CLAP!CLAP!CLAP! for Cranley — the first time I’ve ever said that.

  7. The King Says:

    Exactly how are Bush/Cheney responsible for increased demand coming from China and Russia? This board should eschew its groupthink and try reading up on global economics. Oh you people, you are soooooo underground.

  8. Sean Says:

    I hope you are not confusing me with a Chabot supporter, as I am far from it. I just want Cranley’s message to be a bit more progressive. Let’s make renewable energy easier instead of making gas slighly cheaper for a short period of time. That being said, the promo did what was it was intended to and kudos to Cranley’s campaign for that.

  9. Ross Says:

    The King — you’re presupposing the answer to the question. The question is not what Bush/Cheney have done to increase oil demand from China and Russia, but why the price of oil has gone up since 2001. Because you’re apparently an astute reader of global enconomics, you know that the price of oil varies not only the pressures of supply and demand, but also fears about market instability due to political conflict.

    And, since 2001, Bush/Cheney have overthrown two governments and threatened several more. They also have the incredibly bizarre foreign policy of not speaking to adversaries who themselves hold great influence of the price of oil. What’s more is that Iraqi oil production is now still below what it was prior to the U.S. invasion. To top it all of, the Bush/Cheney energy policy included huge giveaways to the oil industry that could have been invested in developing greater renewable energy options to relieve some of the U.S. demand that drives up oil prices.

    For all of these reasons, obviously, I think Cranley’s media event at the pump was very relevant in pointing out just how drastically these failed policies — that Chabot has rubber stamped — have screwed us.

  10. Boss Cox Says:

    Why doesn’t Mr. Cranley cut out the middleman/station owner and give cash to the electrorate directly the way we did in the good old graft days!!!!

  11. Boss Cox Says:

    “Have this cash… er… ‘below market rate gasoline’… on me. By the way should you happen to be at the polls this November vote for me, John Cranley. and not this Chabot fellow who didn’t give you any cash… er… ‘below market rate gasoline’.”

  12. CEAF Says:

    At least Cranley is not afraid to be amongst the actual constituents of the district he wants to lead. When is the last time Chabot did anything besides pass out cups at a church festival or pose for pictures with rich people? Chabot’s camp is probably mad they did not think giving cheap gas first! There is more great Chabot-Cranley conversation at

  13. West Side Story Says:

    What does Cranley have to say about the handicapped kids who don’t have transportation to school verses the typical developing kids who do in the NW schoold district? NW school district is the biggest in Ohio and it has 5 national merit scholars. NW school district has the worse reputation for ripping off kids with special needs and dumping them into classrooms of teachers who aren’t trained to teach them.

  14. Cliftonite Says:

    I think some folks are reading way too much into this issue. Cranley had a great PR idea…and it got some focus on what has Chabot been doing to address energy issues…or rather, that Chabot has not been doing much on energy issues other than rubber stamping Bush Co. policies — which are terrible ideas. Cranley’s cheap gas event was not about graft, not about handicapped kids, not about pandering, not about promoting consumption. It was not a “stunt”, but it was incredibly well timed. I only wish there would have been a gas station near the Chabot/Cheney event so that Cranley could have been a little closer.

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