Help Overhaul the Rock & Roll Hall of Lame

One of the great inventions of childhood is the take-back. An ill-considered thought said out loud, an ill-conceived baseball card trade, a wildly inappropriate comment on a friend’s mom’s hotness … all of it wiped out with the beauty of a mutually agreed upon take-back.

Shake It Records and Chunklet magazine — which offers the most hysterical, biting takes on music and pop culture on the planet — take that concept a step further, toss the rules and launch a preemptive take-back strike against the music-of-the-Rock-era Hall of Fame (the lawyers make us say it that way) with their inaugural “Hall of Fame De-Duction Ceremony” this Saturday.

The idea is simple: Vote for the artists you believe have been given short shrift in Hall of Fame balloting, and bounce the ones you think have no business being there. My personal choices for Hall of Fame status are former Be Bop Deluxe guitarist Bill Nelson (a genius, really), Todd Rundgren and Captain Beefheart, all of whom have been wildly influential on subsequent artists.

To make way for them, I would easily push out Billy Joel (he’s sold a lot of product, and Piano Man was pretty cool in ’73, but Hall of Fame great?), Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons (I’ve done hundreds of interviews over the years … not once has any band or artist said to me, “Frankie Valli was a huge influence on me…”) and then maybe one of the Doo-Wop groups just because I’ve got no love for Doo-Wop and they really only succeeded in influencing Billy Joel, Sha Na Na and the guy that wrote Grease.

(CityBeat music editor Mike Breen would like to add that having the Lovin’ Spoonful in the Rock Hall is like putting the Wrigley Field groundskeeper in the Baseball Hall. And, for the love of God, just put KISS in so their fans stop bitching about it. Oh, and Iggy Pop not in there makes it a true Hall of Shame).

Vote for your own additions and deletions by sending your choices to or Post ’em in the comments section below, as well. Here’s the list of who’s in the Hall now, if you need a refresher.

Then head over to Shake It at 4156 Hamilton Ave. in Northside on Saturday night around 5 p.m. for the ceremony, hosted by Henry Owings, editor and chief curmudgeon at Chunklet, which recently published its latest hilarious tome, The Overrated Book. Expect a barbeque of some sort, beverages, tunes from the new inductees spun by DJ Brian D. and the general air of irreverence and insensitivity that the evening demands. Vote early, vote often, vote out Frankie Valli.

— Brian Baker

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2 Comments on “Help Overhaul the Rock & Roll Hall of Lame”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Great call on Bill Nelson – he’s an amazing musician.

  2. tim Says:

    The Lovin’ Spoonful doesn’t belong? their best songs, “Four Eyes” and “Coconut Grove”, never got airplay otherwise you would understand why they deserve to be in the Hall. Admittedly a lower rung member like Phil Rizzuto or that Doer guy from the Red Sox in the BBHOF but still……

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