Those Lying, Gay Bashing Republicans

Lies and innuendo aren’t GOP values, at least not after Republicans are caught using them.

The Ohio Republican Party fired one of its top staffers Thursday for sending a mass e-mail that questioned the sexual orientation of Democratic gubernatorial candidate U.S. Rep. Ted Strickland and his wife.

Ohio GOP Chairman Bob Bennett fired Gary Lankford, a Christian home schooling principal and former director of the Ohio Restoration Project, after The Toledo Blade reported details from Lankford’s e-mail to “social conservatives.” In the missive, Lankford questioned Strickland’s credentials as a Methodist minister and criticized his work ethic. Also, Lankford alleged that Strickland and his wife lived in different states and linked to an Internet site that claimed Strickland is gay.

Lankford encouraged e-mail recipients to pass it along to others.

This all occurred during the same week that conservative columnist and mini-skirted attention monger Ann Coulter went on TV and accused former President Bill Clinton of having latent homosexual tendencies. Observers must begin to wonder about the Republican Party’s continual fascination with the gay lifestyle, and if that also denotes latent behavior of some sort.
A few days after the e-mail was publicized, Bennett fired Lankford from his post as the state party’s “social conservative coordinator.” Bennett said he was “a little slow to react to this,” which he blamed on a bout of pneumonia.

Earlier this year the campaign of Ohio Secretary of State Ken Blackwell, the GOP’s gubernatorial candidate, paid Lankford $15,000 during the primary for “voter contact” efforts.

Here’s a biblical reminder for Lankford and his ilk: Thou shalt not bear false witness.

— Kevin Osborne

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8 Comments on “Those Lying, Gay Bashing Republicans”

  1. The Dean Says:

    Speaking of hating Republicans, Ohio Green candidate for Governor, Bob Fitrakis, really hates Ken Blackwell.

    Fitrakis is speaking at a free engagement this evening — 6pm, Mac’s Pizza Pub, McMillan, just a block or so East of Clifton.

  2. Les Nessman Says:

    Kevin, are we going to starty quoting the Bible now? Do we dare go where it says men shouldn’t lay with other men?

  3. The Dean Says:

    Sure, Les. As long as we also go where it says you shall not wear clothing of blended fabrics. Have a cotton-polyester blend? Better offer a burnt offering to the Lord, as He finds the smell pleasing.

    And I certainly hope you have not touched anything that has been touched by a woman with her monthly flow. Otherwise, you must bathe yourself in clean water, and remain unclean until the evening. And everything you touch will also be unclean, until the time of your cleansing.

  4. The crucial difference, Les Nessman, is that I don’t purport myself as being a Christian. Therefore, I couldn’t care less what Leviticus or Deuteronomy proscribes as acceptable sexual behavior. People like Gary Lankford, however, do call themselves Christians, but cherry-pick what they want to believe.

    In fact, the Dean hits on the primary point of this debate about the Bible. If you want to be a fundamentalist and believe the book is literal and without errors, then you also must believe it’s OK to have multiple wives and own slaves.

    The Bible has numerous internal inconsistencies, which isn’t surprising because it was written over a long span of time by multiple authors. Not the least of the inconsistencies is the concept of hell in the Old and New Testaments. It essentially doesn’t exist in the Old Testament, but is a fiery pit in the New. Did God just blink it into existence one day on a whim?

  5. Les Nessman Says:

    Well Kevin, it’s gonna be hot down there old buddy.

  6. The Dean Says:

    In Dante’s Inferno, Virgil explains to Dante how — after Jesus came — certain famous people from the Old Testament, like Abraham, or Moses, were taken from the Underworld (Hell) and brought into Heaven — even though they had not been Baptized.

  7. The Dean Says:

    Hey, Les:

    Some like it hot!

  8. […] in July, I called conservative commentator Ann Coulter “a mini-skirted attention monger” after she went on TV and accused former President Bill Clinton of having latent homosexual […]

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