Confrontation in Blue Ash

Passions will be running high when a pro-Israeli rally and an anti-Israeli counter-protest both occur at 5:30 p.m. Sunday at Blue Ash Town Square. Greater Cincinnati has a vibrant Jewish community and a growing Muslim community, and we can expect a vigorous exchange of views about the conflict between Israel and Hezbollah.

— Gregory Flannery

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5 Comments on “Confrontation in Blue Ash”

  1. The purpose of governments is to incite passions and hope they lead to war.
    “War is the health of the state.”
    Governments constantly try to turn mole hills into mountains.
    There are many governments to blame here. Israel is obvious. Hezbollah and it’s government backers are less obvious. But my point remains: governments are to blame.
    Why can’t everyone be a peaceful anarchist like yours truly?

  2. Robert Ryan Says:

    I attended today’s event in Blue Ash and thankfully it was peaceful. The SWAT teams were ready but there was no confrontation.

    There was one person who fell and required medical assistance. The accident happened on the boundary of the jewish-arab crowd. But both crowds seemed to be concerned with the well being of the person who fell.

    There obviously was more pro-Israel than pro-Arab people attending the event. I spoke to several people attending and came away with the feeling that the “man/woman on the street simply wanted an end to the violence”.

    Rob Ryan

    PS I will say this, there was one politician who seemed to fuel the flames.

  3. WestEnder Says:

    Well, by all means don’t mention that politician’s name. After all, it’s not like they are elected to represent the public. It’s not like the public pays their salaries. It’s not like they should be held to a high standard of conduct. It’s not like they should be held accountable for their actions.

    If you have a grassroots report, then report it.

  4. Ray Waren Says:

    The tragedy of the Lebanese is the failure to recognize history. In 1932, Hitler was ‘invited’ into the government with 32% of the popular vote and became chancellor. He proceeded to dismantle the German democracy and convert hs Brown Shirts into the SS. Similarly, Hizbollah receiveed 25% of the popular vote, was invited into the government, and brought their militia. They have now destroyed the fragile Lebanese democracy. Don’t blame Israel. Israel has every right to defend herself. While the crazy left decries the ‘attrociies’ of civilian casualties, it is rather remarkable and testament to Israeli sensitivity that only 300 Lebanese civilians have been lost (still sad)-given the degree of bombardment. If the Left is SO concerned about these civilians why don’t they don’t decry the attrocities committed by Shia and Sunni on each other in Iraq? Where are the Arab countries? Why don’t they send peacepeepers to build a peace? This isjust another example of Leftist double standard. Hail to the Reign of Terror!

  5. No Vested Interest Says:

    Will someone please name the 14 political figures who were said by WCPO-TV to be present at this rally?
    I’ll start with two who were identified:
    Phil Heimlich
    Jean Schmidt
    Who else?

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