Lobbyist Takes City Assignment

Cincinnati officials have hired a lobbyist familiar with City Hall’s inner workings to temporarily fill in as their public information officer while spokeswoman Meg Olberding is on maternity leave.

Marie Gemelli-Carroll was hired on an interim basis to handle media contacts and issue press releases for the city. For the past several years, Gemelli-Carroll has led a consulting firm, Communications in the Public Interest, whose offices are located across the street from City Hall. She is a registered lobbyist with the city who, at different times, has represented some non-profit groups and several corporations, including Procter & Gamble, Cincinnati Bell, the Greater Cincinnati Chamber of Commerce and the Greater Cincinnati Hospitality Coalition.

In her role as a lobbyist, Gemelli-Carroll regularly attends virtually all meetings of Cincinnati City Council and its committees and has worked with most city officials.

Also, Gemelli-Carroll previously was a spokeswoman for The Cincinnati Enquirer in the mid-1990s.

— Kevin Osborne

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2 Comments on “Lobbyist Takes City Assignment”

  1. Arrow Says:

    I find it hard ot believe that with all the assistant city managers and over-bloated staff we have to contract out so we can get the city’s failed message out. Sad.

  2. Hyde Parker Says:

    Wouldn’t this assignemtn be a serious conflict of interest considering she is a registered lobbyist with the city in the first place? It would be like handing her the keys for a short period of time and then having her give them back.

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