Deep Breath … Here Comes MidPoint!

Every year CityBeat compiles short descriptions on every single band playing the MidPoint Music Festival — running this year from Sept. 20-23 in and around the Main Street Entertainment District — for our comprehensive MPMF guide. (Look for it on 9/20/06.)

So I was filled with a mix of exhilaration and pure, gut-wrenching dread as I gazed at the just-published schedule for the festival. (Last year’s schedule blurbs were compiled in a 72-hour marathon editing/writing session between bouts of hysterical crying under my desk and Papa John’s mushroom and steak subs, which I still taste when I burp.)

Looks like another fantastic year of quality “unsigned” (a few acts do appear to have smaller indie-label deals) bands and solo performers. And, as always, there’s a great roster of local bands on the bill.

On first glance, here’s who I’m stoked to see: Apollo Up! (they ended up playing the last Rock show at alchemize recently and, appropriately, tore the roof off); Captain of Industry (new album = mind-blowing); Tenki (one of my faves from MPMFs past); The Libertines US (local underground legends back after 13 years); The Minor Leagues (see Captain of Industry); The Hiders (Bill Alletzhauser is writing some of the best songs anywhere); The Fairmount Girls (their new lineup might be their best yet); Buffalo Killers (the new PsychPop band from the Gabbards, of Thee Shams fame, soon to be signed to a record deal if they want it); Ellison (they could very well be famous soon, with their new record deal and a big tour this fall with Waking Ashland); Paper Airplane (loved ’em at the Desdemona Festival); The Purrs (Seattle Shoegaze Pop featuring former Cincy guy Jim Antonio of Lizard 99 fame); The Rockwells (Knoxville Pop/Rock masters who killed at last year’s fest); The Lab Rats (ditto); The Defrost Star (ditto ditto) and … Jesus, about 100 more.

I need a nap now just reading it all. Pray for me come September, and start planning your itinerary.


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2 Comments on “Deep Breath … Here Comes MidPoint!”

  1. ToeJamFootball Says:

    Two clubs are no longer on Main, Alchemize and Jefferson Hall. What’s the plan for those bands that were suppose to play there? And with rumors flying that more clubs will be closing, how will this pan out?

  2. Tara Says:

    We love you Mike for all your support over the years. Can’t wait to for your guide for this year. As an MPMF staffer, I’m usually too busy to figure out who I want to see so your tips are always invaluable!

    Now for my shameless plug….

    MPMF2006 is September 20 – 23, so clear your schedule and sign up as a volunteer today!! Volunteers attend for FREE (that’s a $100 value) so don’t miss this great opportunity to help out, have some fun, meet cool people and see bands from all over the world.

    MPMF Volunteer Registration is now open at:

    Tara O’Donnell
    Operations Manager

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