Dohoney Hiring Delayed Again

Despite a last-minute attempt at lobbying city council members, Cincinnati Mayor Mark Mallory was forced to delay a planned vote today on whether to hire his nominee, Milton Dohoney Jr., as city manager. (For background, see this post and this post from last week.)

Mallory delayed a vote last week when Councilman David Crowley — a Dohoney supporter — was absent, and the mayor had vowed then to push for a vote during today’s council meeting. The plan prompted an outcry from some council members because Vice Mayor Jim Tarbell — a Dohoney opponent — was traveling in France and wouldn’t be present.

The wrangling proved moot, however, when Mallory realized this afternoon that he didn’t have the seven votes needed to suspend council rules. Without the suspension, the ordinance that would allow Dohoney’s hiring would have to undergo readings at three separate council meetings before the group could vote. Council has just one more meeting, June 28, before it breaks for summer recess.

Council typically suspends the three-reading requirement on dozens of items each week, but with the group split on Dohoney’s hiring, opponents used the delay as a procedural maneuver to buy more time for discussion.

The start of Wednesday’s council meeting was delayed by more than 30 minutes as Mallory met privately with various council members in the corner of council chambers, in full view of the public, trying to determine how to proceed.

Some council members dislike that Mallory submitted only one nominee for consideration, while others said Dohoney is too inexperienced for the job.

Councilwoman Laketa Cole, the swing vote on hiring Dohoney, said she would try to negotiate a compromise with Mallory during the upcoming week. She wants to clarify the city manager selection process and get a commitment calling for a performance review by council after a year if Dohoney is hired.

Asked what Mallory would get in the deal, Cole replied, “I’m expecting he wants a 9-0 vote (by council), so he’s willing to compromise.”

— Kevin Osborne

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2 Comments on “Dohoney Hiring Delayed Again”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    As a woman, Cole is an embarrassment. Taking this highly qualified man through this mess no wonder Cincinnati is at the bottom of retaining people. Funny how her and the gang of four want to reduce the salary and conduct a one year performance review but did not preach this for the current acting manager. First she had a problem with Lemmie, now Dohoney. But no problem with Rager or Riodan. Self hate and jealousy is alive and well. I taking my husband and child to West Chester like the rest of the former city residents.

  2. Please leave, anonymous woman. I hope you enjoy the traffic up I-75, and living in the midst of that sprawl. Good luck being able to tell how your house is any different from your neighbor’s.

    And don’t let that gate hit the back of your car as you turn onto your street. It would really be embarassing next time you stop in the country club.

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