Dohoney’s Competition Work for Larger Bodies

Two public sector employees from Florida were the other finalists in Cincinnati’s nationwide search for city manager candidates.

The final report from the executive recruiting firm hired by city officials to conduct the search recommended three candidates for the job: Milton Dohoney Jr., Carl S. Harness and Larry M. Spring Jr.

Mayor Mark Mallory ultimately nominated Dohoney, and Mallory and city council are involved in a heated debate about the mayor’s selection process and Dohoney’s qualifications.

Dohoney is chief administrative officer for the Lexington-Fayette Urban County Government, whose budget and workforce is about half the size of Cincinnati’s.

The Roberts Consulting Group’s other recommendations for the job work for much larger governments. Harness is assistant county administrator for Hillsborough County in Tampa, Fla. He helps oversee a $3.4 billion budget and 5,800 employees.

Spring is chief of strategic planning, budgeting and performance for the city of Miami, which has a $707.5 million annual budget and about 3,800 employees.

By comparison, Dohoney oversees a $411 million annual budget and a 3,500-member workforce.

All three finalists are African-American.

Despite Dohoney’s two decades working in government positions, some council members say he is too inexperienced to manage a government of Cincinnati’s size, which has a nearly $1 billion annual budget and 7,000 municipal workers.

Mallory has countered that Dohoney is the best candidate, in part, because he’s an Indianapolis native and worked in Lexington and Louisville, making him familiar with regional issues.

City officials paid $39,000 to the Roberts Consulting Group to conduct the search. Twenty-two people either applied for the job or were sought out and solicited to apply. The firm submitted its report listing three finalists to Mallory on March 20. Although Mallory initially wanted to make his choice by March 31, he delayed a decision until June 6.

Council will vote by month’s end on Dohoney’s hiring. If he gets the job, he will begin Aug. 6.

—Kevin Osborne

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One Comment on “Dohoney’s Competition Work for Larger Bodies”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    “Cincinnati’s size, which has a nearly $1 billion annual budget and 7,000 municipal workers.”

    As an aside, maybe here’s part of cincy’s continuing budgetary problems – more workers on the payroll than other metro regions and a smaller budget? You do the math…

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