First, Kill All the Adverbs

This 2000 snippet from Fresh Air‘s linguist Geoff Nunberg hammers home the manipulative tongue twists in our media. As he says in his report, “Don’t romance me, just pour the drink.”

— Stephen Carter-Novotni

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3 Comments on “First, Kill All the Adverbs”

  1. Q: Is it ever appropriate to use adverbs?
    A: Hardly.

  2. Now you’ve got grammar on my mind.

    The famous Winston Churchill quote: “…up with which I will not put.”

    In support of the “singular their”:

    And some tidbits that have stuck:

    One tooth, two teeth.
    One booth, two beeth?

    One goose, two geese.
    One moose, two meese?

    One mouse, two mice.
    One house, two hice?

    Now, that last one is even more complicated — because apparenlty more than one computer mouse resolves to “two mouses.”

  3. Candy is dandy, but
    Liquor is quickerly.

    Just pour the drink.

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