Drag Yourself Downtown

There’s still time to register a team for Sunday’s 2006 Cincinnati Drag Races, the unofficial kickoff of Gay Pride Month in Cincinnati. Whether or not men who don’t already have a pair will still have time to find high-heeled shoes, campy frock and wig that they’ll be comfortable enough to run in is a whole ‘nother question.

Organizers of last year’s race were surprised when as many as 900 fans lined up along Court Street to enjoy the spectacle of drag queens racing outdoors between Vine and Race in broad daylight. Pleased by the large turnout, this year The Court Street Drag Race Committee has added events, making the Drag Races into a mini street festival, Sunday June 4 from 1 p.m. to 7 p.m.

Janet Hill of Women Out Front, host of Dykes on Trykes, says, “Bring friends — gay, straight, men, women — to make up your team. If you don’t have a full team or if you are a free agent, show up and we’ll match you up for fun!”

Dogs of the four-legged variety are encouraged to enter Drag Your Dog Out. Racing drag dogs step off at 5 p.m. The winning pooch receives a gift basket from Strasse Dog Pet Boutique.

Plan to register at least one hour prior to scheduled start time. Rules, applications and information, including race fees, available at Universal Grille (formerly Hamburger Mary’s), downtown at 909 and Vine Street, and online at CincinnatiDragRaces.com

Schedule – Cincinnati Drag Races 2006

1 p.m. Start the party with Host/Emcee DJ Round Boy.

2 p.m. Chefs’ Races. A pancake tossing race amongst celebrity Chefs from various Cincinnati restaurants. Host EMCEE Penny Tration

3 p.m. Vogue Off. Parade of Drag Queens hosted by Pennytration.

3.30 p.m. Dikes on Trikes. Hosted by Janet Hill of Women Out Front has kindly undertaken to host and organize this event. So if we have any women out there wanting to compete check out http://www.womenoutfront.com and contact Janet directly for more details. Janet is also kindly working on some logos for the event. Host/EMCEE Penny Tration

Tentative Teams: Metro Nation, Dan Howell Travel, Universal Grille, Women Out Front

4 p.m. Arts Groups Drag Race. Hosted by Peter Laffoon and Host/EMCEE Raven

4.30 p.m. Bar Races. Hosted by Randy from On
Broadway Bar. Host/EMCEE Raven. Teams include: Universal Grille, Jeanro, On Broadway, Adonis, Union Station,

5. p.m. Drag Your Dog Out. Dress up your dog!
Winner receives a gift basket from Strasse Dog Pet Boutique. Host/EMCEE Opera Dogs

5.30 p.m. Queen City Rainbow Band

After Parties: Universal Grille, Union Station Video Cafe, Shooters, Adonis, Rosie’s Tavern and On Broadway.

— Sam Robinson

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One Comment on “Drag Yourself Downtown”

  1. Natasha Says:

    I just wanna know where to find those cool shoes!

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