Next Step for Abortion Ban

A proposal to criminalize abortion in Ohio is now set for a legislative hearing. The Ohio House Health Committee will hold a hearing at 10 a.m. June 13 on House Bill 228, sponsored by State Rep. Tom Brinkman (R-Mount Lookout). Now is the time to make your opinion known. The bill, like a new law passed in South Dakota, is an effort to give the new U.S. Supreme Court grounds to overturn Roe v. Wade. Brinkman’s bill wouldn’t just ban abortion in Ohio; it would also make it a felony to take a woman across state lines to get an abortion in a state where it is legal.

— Gregory Flannery

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4 Comments on “Next Step for Abortion Ban”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Greg, thanks for posting this and for the Brinkman article.

  2. Because I live near, I walked over to the fistivities twice, but was underwhelmed both times.
    There was a cornhole game ready to be played, but nobody played… A Kodak moment lost for eternity, for sure.
    Was the whole event a publicity stunt for Universal/Rainbow Cafe?

  3. Margo Pierce Says:

    This is just one of many attacks on reproductive health for women (see: Regulating the Female Body – In addition to not having access to emergency contraception, pharmacists aren’t filling legal prescriptions because they go against personal beliefs.

    That’s bogus and immoral. Nobody, not even the President, gets to force their religious beliefs on anyone else in this country.

    If an employer wants to give employees the freedom to pick and choose tasks, that’s okay. Then they must have a second pharmacist on staff at all times who isn’t going to impose his or her beliefs on the customer. Is it fair to have to force a company to incur that cost? What’s fair about forcing a woman who has obtained a prescription from her doctor to run all over town trying to find someone to fill it, and not getting it filled in some cases?

    If a pharmacy is going to fill prescriptions, then it fills all prescriptions.

  4. Natasha Says:

    I generally avoid conversations involving abortion. I oftentimes find myself sitting queasily on the fence.

    However, a bill that would make it a felony to take a woman across state lines to get an abortion will make me jump off that fence and run screaming for a woman’s right to choose.

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