A ‘Wicked Scheme’ Exposed!

So often politics is handled with such seriousness that it becomes painfully dull. Then every once in a while someone will serve up a load of horse shit with a straight face, and I get a big kick out of it.

Today’s server is Donald A. Shabazz, chair of the board of trustees of WAIF (88.3 FM). We kept hearing Shabazz had written a letter to station supporters in response to Margo Pierce’s investigative article, “Naughty Stepchild.” But Shabazz didn’t send a copy of the letter to us, so we didn’t know what it said.

But now we’ve received a copy. As with most documents at WAIF, this one was leaked to us by someone reluctant to be identified because of the expulsions issued by the trustees against any WAIF programmer who speaks up.

Here’s my favorite line in Shabazz’s letter: “And what possible or legitimate interest could Ms. Pierce or CityBeat have in WAIF’s records and files, except that they are part of the wicked scheme being hatched by a certain group of racist, right-wing political operatives who are trying to hijack our station and destroy WAIF as we know it?”

We have so been caught.

— Gregory Flannery

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9 Comments on “A ‘Wicked Scheme’ Exposed!”

  1. Hannah Says:

    We knew it, Greg! Hand in the keys to your Mercedes at the front desk. Hmph, damn Citybeaters … always trampling the little guy.

  2. Natasha Says:

    Oh come on! “…certain group of racist, right-wing political operatives…”?

    I like to think of them more as pinko, commie, socialist agitators. You know the type.

  3. Margo Pierce Says:

    As the co-conspirator who has been “duped” and “deceived” into becoming a “willing tool” of the “treacherous” group of “racist bloggers and cyber-space bandits” who apparently wants to give up the little money I make as a reporter for an un-paid position of an asset-rich community radio station in the luxurious offices at WAIF radio, I’d like to set the record straight.

    My plan is not to “hijack” the station nor, am I seeking “Money, Power and Control.” I’ve seen Stepchild Radio’s 2004 IRS Form 990, trust me, there aren’t any “large salaries” to be had.

    I’m not a radio programmer and have no desire to become a radio programmer.

    Hope that helps!

  4. Please post the whole letter!

  5. Larry Gross Says:

    I agree with the dean. It would be great to see the whole thing.

  6. Peter Deane Says:

    You right wing racist loonies over at City Beat sure do know how to run a conspiracy… Boy, who would have known? Shabazz sure does know how to “keep with the facts”… I heard he was a lawyer once.

  7. Margo Pierce Says:

    On Donald Shabazz’s May 19 broadcast, he read what he alternately called an “article” and “a letter to CityBeat.” He said he was reading it on his program, which is usually dedicated to religious matters, as a way to make sure listeners and WAIF supporters would hear the content of the letter because we wouldn’t publish it. He said he would make copies available to anyone and everyone by placing them in the lobby of the radio station.

    Those interested in the letter written by Shabazz on behalf of the Board of Trustees at WAIF ought to go to the source contacting Shabazz himself to get a copy.

  8. John Fox Says:

    By the way, CityBeat has not received a “letter to the editor” from WAIF’s Donald Shabazz. We’ll certainly print it if he submits it.

  9. Anonymous Says:

    But “WAIF has grown into an important and valuable commodity under the current board of trustees”. Are you sure you guys don’t want all that? It is too bad you don’t want it. Maybe then the station could get a little repect instead of, “WAIF…..that place is still on the air?”
    WAIF has always been a kind of a joke to many in this town, but if the people that want to see it actually become somewhat credible don’t get involved this September (at the annual membership meeting) then the people that do enjoy WAIF’s programming may not be enjoying it for too much longer. Become a member, vote, and run for the board if you feel like steering the station to where it should be….or at least help get it in the right direction again.

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