I Don’t Glow in the Dark

Last week I received a letter from the IRS, opening, “Dear Fernald worker…”

I have to admit to a certain pleasure in knowing that the federal government mistakenly believes I used to work at the Feed Materials Processing Plant in Fernald, now closed. With the state’s surveillance mechanisms growing so powerful so quickly, official incompetence is something to be celebrated. And who’d have guessed that the big, bad IRS, of all agencies, had such shoddy information about who worked where?

For the record, I never worked at Fernald, a uranium mill that used to provide essential material for the U.S. nuclear arsenal. I’m a pacifist. The only work I ever did there was to interview plant officials and protesters for newspapers.

But my delight at the government’s mistake is limited. I have to wonder if another person of the same name is being deprived of necessary health benefits because the military industrial complex has such shoddy recordkeeping.

— Gregory Flannery

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One Comment on “I Don’t Glow in the Dark”

  1. Natasha Says:

    Dammit, Mr. Flannery. I was hoping that Cincy would have a warning whenever you are near.

    Glowing in the dark would have been the ticket…

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