Mallory Promises City Manager by October

Cincinnati will have a new city manager before this fall, according to Mayor Mark Mallory.

During his weekly press briefing, Mallory revealed that he hopes to select a prospective city manager — and receive city council’s approval for the choice — by Oct. 1. That is when a proposed advisory group of council members, business executives and others will submit recommendations for changes at City Hall designed to save money and improve services.

Mallory originally hoped to submit a name to city council by March 31, but that date came and went with no announcement.

“I certainly hope to appoint a new city manager before the first of October,” Mallory says. “It’s going to be soon. It’s taken a little bit longer because of the logistics of all I have to deal with on a daily basis.”

Mallory has had council members meet individually with four city manager candidates at a local hotel but hasn’t yet decided which name to submit for approval, City Hall sources say.

Whoever is selected will replace David Rager, the city’s Water Works director, who has served as interim city manager since September 2005. He filled the spot after Valerie Lemmie resigned as city manager following a tumultuous three-year term.

— Kevin Osborne

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2 Comments on “Mallory Promises City Manager by October”

  1. dave gallaher Says:

    Will the new City Manager be needing a body guard? In a previous life, I was a pistol expert in the USMC.
    I want to get my name in the hat early.
    It’s a tough career decision on my part: body-guard or Wal-Mart greeter?
    (The old “retirement nest egg” is looking a little minuscule right in here.)

    I figure body-guard would pay better?

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Almost an entire year since he was elected to find a city manager?!

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