The Return of Newfarmer

Perhaps taking their cue from Al Gore’s efforts a decade ago, Cincinnati Mayor Mark Mallory and Councilman Jeff Berding announced Tuesday an initiative to “reinvent” city government in an attempt to increase efficiency and generate cost savings.

Mallory’s and Berding’s “City Hall Works” proposal involves creating an advisory group to review the recommendations of a consultant hired to perform an in-depth analysis of city operations.

The group, which still must get city council’s OK, would be comprised of three council members, one from each political party; the city manager; two city department heads; two representatives from City Hall’s largest labor union; the internal city auditor; an independent financial professional; two business executives; one human relations expert; and an executive loaned from a local company to help staff the committee.

The consultant who’s been hired isn’t a stranger to City Hall — it’s former Cincinnati City Manager Gerald Newfarmer, who was forced out of his job several years ago in a showdown with then-Mayor Dwight Tillery.

City council earlier this year approved spending up to $100,000 on hiring a consultant. Mallory and Berding are hopeful that Newfarmer’s eventual suggestions — if recommended by the advisory committee and approved by city council — will offset the expense.

Once approved, the advisory group will quickly undertake its mission. It’s supposed to offer initial recommendations by Oct. 1 and complete its work by Dec. 1.

— Kevin Osborne

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One Comment on “The Return of Newfarmer”

  1. Firestarter Says:

    Wow, bringing back Newfarmer, thats the forward, progressive thinking we were all hoping for out of Mayor Malaise, er Mallory.

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